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Quality marks

Understand the various quality marks necessary for water heaters and similar products within the GCC.


The G Mark license is a regulation done by the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) which is a government body within a supranational organization called the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The member countries are UAE/SAUDI ARABIA/BAHRAIN/OMAN/YEMEN/QATAR/KOWEIT

G Mark is a safety requirement for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances sold into GSO country members. Each device has to be meet with the essential Safety Requirements of the Low Voltage Technical Regulation : BD-142004-01.


ESMA – Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology, also known as the Regulating Body, is the UAE’s national standards body mandated to implement this regulation.

The ESMA QUALITY MARK is a mark of conformity granted to the products that can demonstrate compliance with the relevant UAE National Standards, Regional and/or International Standards and are manufactured by an organization implementing an effective Quality Management System to ensure continuous compliance.


This UAE regulation deals with methods for measuring the energy and water consumption of clothes washing machines for household use, with or without heating devices and for cold and/or hot water supply.
Energy Efficiency rating is classified into 5 star categories having 5-stars for the most efficient and 1-star for the least efficient product in terms of energy consumption.