picto Egeo - NEW
picto Egeo - NEW

High performace, connected and cost-effective heatpump water heater

Models 200 & 250 L (Floor-standing)
Model 250 L with coil (Floor-standing)

Egeo is the best compromise between environmentally-friendliness and efficiency. The recirculation connection and household-friendly noise level maintain the high quality of consumer comfort.


> Low noise level (54 dB) for better comfort and integration
> ACI HYBRID TECHNOLOGY for limited scalling and easy maintenance
> Wi-Fi connectivity and remote piloting
> New R290 refrigerant, Eco + and Absence modes for more energy savings

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Heat pump water heaters
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ACI Hybrid
Dynamic anti-corrosion protection
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> ACI hybrid anti-corrosive protection
> Magnesium anode for strengthened tank protection
> New generation diamond-quality enamel (glass-lined inner tank)
> Pressure relief valve
> Dielectric union
> Specific lip gasket to avoid corrosion around flange


> Ergonomic digital interface with heating indicator, operating modes and smart functions
> Easy to install as an electric water heater
> Low noise level (54 dB) for better comfort and integration


> Monitor water & electricity use with the Cozytouch application
> Eco+ self learning mode to provide the right amount of hot water when needed
> Absence mode: allows you to save energy when away from home
> New R290 refrigerant for gtreater energy savings