picto O'Pro Classic 800W
Electric water heaters O'Pro Classic 800W
picto O'Pro Classic 800W

O'Pro Classic 800W is a highly efficient and energy-saving water heater with low power due to an 800 W heating element.

With O'Pro Classic 800W, Atlantic has designed an electric water heater oriented towards energy savings with a lower power usage and robustness due to a reinforced tank protection.

Fitted with the exclusive O’Pro anti-corrosive system, O'Pro Classic 800W ensures longevity and quality.

O'Pro Classic 800W is user-friendly, dependable, safe and economical.

Exclusive passive electronic anti-corrosive system
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Diamond quality glass lining
The key for a long tank lifetime
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picto Benefits
  • O'Pro Classic 800W is a highly efficient electric water heater designed for eco-friendliness.
  • O'Pro Classic 800W has an elegant French design with a rounded shape and invisible fixing, adjusting well into your interior.
  • It is quick and effortless to install, available in a 50 to 100 L horizontalwall mounted models.
  • O'Pro Classic 800W is powerful yet oriented towards energy-savings with an only 800W heating element.
  • It benefits from a high-performance temperature adjustment knob with integrated on/off light, an external thermometer and a thermostat with integrated security.
  • This efficient equipment is easy to use and delivers more hot water faster while saving energy every day.

O’Pro Classic 800 W ensures quality and durability through these features:

  • Long tank lifetime thanks to O’Pro exclusive anti-corrosive system
  • Magnesium anode for strengthened tank protection
  • New generation diamond-quality enamel (glass-lined inner tank)
  • Pressure relief valve to provide safety if any malfunctions or pressure rise
  • Dielectric union to prevent corrosion
  • Specific lip gasket to avoid corrosion around flange
  • Its CFC-freehigh-density insulation foam emits no greenhouse gas and provides more energy savings.
  • O’Pro Classic 800 W is a wise choice if you wish for a good quality/price ratio.

picto Technical Data

VOLTAGEV230 (220-240)
HEAT-UP TIME AT 60°CΔt=50°C2h30
DIMENSIONS Heightmm596
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