O'Pro Classic 1200W
Electric water heaters O'Pro Classic 1200W
O'Pro Classic 1200W

With O'Pro Classic 1200W, Atlantic has designed an electric water heater oriented towards energy savings with a lower power usage and robustness thanks to a reinforced tank protection. As a famous French brand, Atlantic supplies its customers with a sturdy, highly effective and durable water heater. Fitted with the exclusive O’Pro anti-corrosive system, O'Pro Classic 1200W has a neat design and is built for longevity and quality.

This reliable medium capacity water heater has been perfectly conceived to fit into most layouts. O'Pro Classic 1200W is user-friendly, dependable, safe and economical.

Atlantic has developed exclusive technologies to ensure the optimal functioning of your installation. With its O'Pro anti-corrosive system, magnesium anode (increased tank protection) and new generation diamond-quality enamel (glass-lined inner tank), you can enjoy +50% tank lifespan without interruption.

Exclusive passive electronic anti-corrosive system
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Diamond quality glass lining
The key for a long tank lifetime
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O'Pro Classic 1200W has an elegant French design with a rounded shape and invisible fixings. It dovetails well in your interior. In addition, it is quick and effortless to install thanks to its new universal horizontal hanging jig. O'Pro Classic 1200W allows multiposition installation, since it is available in both horizontal and vertical wall mounted models.

O'Pro Classic 1200W is powerful yet oriented towards energy savings with an only 1200W heating element. It benefits from a high-performance temperature adjustment knob with integrated on/off light, an external thermometer and a thermostat with integrated security. This efficient equipment is easy to use and delivers more hot water faster while saving energy every day.

As with all its equipment, Atlantic has paid a great deal of attention to O'Pro Classic 1200W's  safety and security. They are achieved, among others, by a sheathed immersion heating element, a dielectric union protecting the pipes against corrosion and an optimised stainless steel outlet pipe.

O'Pro Classic 1200W is an electric water heater designed for eco-friendliness. Its CFC-free  high-density insulation foam emits no greenhouse gas and provides more energy savings.

With two models, vertical or horizontal wall mounted and 3 capacities, 50, 80 and 100 L, O'Pro Classic 1200W matches most space constraints and everybody's needs, from a single individual to a small family.

O'Pro Classic 1200W is robust, dependable, well-performing and usable with several types of water. It is a wise choice for a good quality/price ratio.

Technical Data

ENERGY CONSUMPTION kWh/24 at 65°1.27
HEAT-UP TIME AT 60°CΔt=50°C2h35
DIMENSIONS Heightmm585