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Atlantic Ego

With Atlantic Ego, you have access to a wide range of classic electric water heaters benefiting from all our know-how. Here is a robust, effective and trustworthy appliance that guarantees an optimal DHW (Domestic Hot Water) production and thermal comfort!

Atlantic Ego benefits from a new French style design with sober and rounded lines. It has no visible fixation and fits perfectly into most spaces. Quick and simple to install, Atlantic Ego comes in various horizontal and vertical wall mounted models for your convenience.

Diamond quality glass lining
The key for a long tank lifetime
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Atlantic Ego is fitted with a sturdy copper heating element, an efficient temperature adjustment knob (internal) combined with a mechanical thermostat (with integrated security) and a high-efficiency water inlet. The built-in pilot light and flat chromed thermometer make it more user-friendly.

Operating Atlantic Ego is an effortless task. This water heater delivers daily more hot water faster without wasting energy!

This electric water heater is fitted with several exclusive features and technologies in order to ensure its flawless quality and durability: A magnesium anode (increased tank protection), a new generation diamond-quality enamel (glass-lined inner tank), a pressure relief valve (safety in case of malfunctions or pressure rise), a dielectric union (prevents one type of corrosion) and a specific lip gasket (avoids rust around the flange). It follows the European standards for electrical safety and user protection.

In today's world, here is an important point to know about Atlantic Ego: It is an eco-friendly electric water heater with CFC-free high-density insulation foam (no greenhouse gas emission). This allows even more energy savings.

These characteristics guarantee an extended service life, free of failures, to your Atlantic Ego water heater.

Usable with different types of water, robust, efficient and dependable, Atlantic Ego is your ally comfort with a great quality/price ratio!

Technical Data

VOLTAGEV230 (220/240)
HEAT-UP TIME AT 60°C (Δt=50°C)1h53
DIMENSIONS Heightmm610