Electric water heaters

Our Product Inventory

Here at Atlantic, we offer the most comprehensive range of central water heaters in Dubai. From 10 to 300L, regardless of your needs and preferences, you’ll find an ideal heater for your home in our extensive selection. Our products are built using the latest generation diamond-quality enamel and strengthened with magnesium anode, which results in their unprecedented durability. Our water heater also features our state-of-the-art smart control technology, which adjusts the hot water production according to your real-time needs. With Atlantic’s electric water heaters, you can achieve up to 10% higher energy savings!

As a leading manufacturer of central electric water heaters in Dubai, we wanted to make sure that our products do not hurt the environment. That’s why we built them with CFC-free high-density insulation, which makes them eco-friendly and safe for use. Whether it is to supply a single basin in your kitchen or to supply hot water in your washroom, our array of electric water heaters is perfect for any home within the UAE. Complemented with our warranty that ensures a hassle-free purchase, our central electric water heaters are the safest and most reliable purchase you can make for your home.