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Why Choose Atlantic’s Range Heaters?

Energy Efficiency = With an eye towards environmental protection, we here at Atlantic have developed our line-up of energy saver water heaters. Our product range includes both heat pumps as well as solar water heaters and can help you cut down on energy usage by as much as 50%.

Durable = Whether it be an electric water heater or a room heater, each of our products has been developed as a result of years of research and a commitment to only deliver quality. The materials that we use are of the highest standards, and most products come with a warranty of up to 5 years.

User-Friendly = Each of our products comes with a detailed user manual to ensure that you know the product you are getting. As mentioned, our products have been developed to withstand the test of time; as such, they only require minimal maintenance and service.

Advanced Technology = All of our water heaters have been developed using our own patented technology to ensure longevity and optimum quality. We are confident when we say that no other product available within the UAE can match the standards set by us.