picto Thermosiphon solar water heaters working principle
Water heating technologies Thermosiphon solar water heaters working principle
picto Thermosiphon solar water heaters working principle
A simple solution combining substantial savings and ecology

Solar energy is silent, free, renewable and clean. With Atlantic's solar heating systems like Solerio Select, you benefit from an efficient solution to enjoy hot water at all time and energy savings at the same time. The energy emitted by sun, the sun's rays, is made of heat and sunlight. Both can be captured, transformed and used in your home to heat water.

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How does it work?

  1. A thermosiphon solar water heater is composed of a tank (accumulator) and a solar collector which is connected to the tank.
  2. The transfer between tank and collector is governed by gravity (hot water density is lower than cold water density). Instead of a pump, the pressure differential between hot and cold is used as propulsion energy. This is the “thermosiphon principle”. In order to operate, the collector (heat generator) must be located below the tank (heat consumer).
  3. The heat transfer medium is heated inside the solar collector. The hot liquid in the collector below is lighter than the cold liquid in the tank above the collector. As soon as the lighter hot liquid rises, gravity circulation starts.
  4. Inside the cylinder, the heated medium transfers its heat to the stored DHW and then, once cooled, falls back to the lowest point in the collector circuit