Water heaters technologies

Water heating technologies

State-of-the-art technologies for your water heater

Atlantic, as a worldwide renowned expert French brand in water heating systems, has created a complete range of water heating equipment. They offer unmatched comfort and significant cost savings.

In order to fully address our customers' requirements, we have developed several patented innovative technologies that guarantee an optimum protection and outstanding durability without failure:

O'Pro technology

Atlantic efficient and reliable anti-corrosion system

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Diamond-quality enamel

The first protection of your tank by Atlantic

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Steatite technology

Atlantic ceramic heating technology for your comfort

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ACI Hybrid

Atlantic patented state-of-the-art anti-corrosion system

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Heat pump water heaters working principle

Heat pump water heater technology - The best all-weather solution ever

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Smart technology
Smart control

Atlantic smartly generating energy savings

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Forced solar water heaters working principle

The best way to combine substantial savings and ecology

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Thermosiphon solar water heaters working principle

A simple solution combining substantial savings and ecology

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