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Transforming prevailing energies into lasting well-being

Thermal comfort, which is essential to our well-being, has become a major social issue by the need to balance our financial, environmental, and health concerns.

This makes GROUPE ATLANTIC's role even more crucial and reinforces our mission: "To transform prevailing energies into lasting well-being, by creating thermal comfort solutions that are ecologically efficient, accessible to all and suited to individual needs."

For more than 40 years, energy has been the raw material that we enhance and transform into well-being and comfort. Building on our strong manufacturing culture and continued innovation, we transform ideas, skills, and energy into products. Intelligent systems that improve daily life for all.

Founded in France

GROUPE ATLANTIC was founded in France in 1968 by two engineers Paul Radat and Pierre Lamoure and is now recognised as a major international manufacturer in multi-energy domestic comfort with leading positions in electric heating and electric DHW tanks. Company controls more than 60 per cent of the French DHW market – the biggest market for electrical domestic comfort products worldwide. The company has grown in size to employ 6,500 people and generates an annual turnover of €1,5 billion today.

With more than 2 million water heaters manufactured every year, GROUPE ATLANTIC provides an extremely large range of storage DHW tanks from 10 to 3000 Litres capacity. The Group has built a strong brand portfolio of thermal comfort solutions since its creation, including domestic and commercial water heaters, renewable energy heaters and water heaters, room and bathroom heaters. The company’s products are marketed worldwide in over 70 countries and under 3 major brands, ATLANTIC, THERMOR and PACIFIC.

Groupe Atlantic plants: Origin of French quality, know-how & innovation
Our Commitments

Our Group is committed to industrial control, innovation, converting energy into sustainable well-being, and the personal development of our employees.

  • Innovation : Because we are obsessed with improving the effectiveness of our solutions and continually providing even greater comfort
  • Industrial Control : Because our industrial responsibility also includes providing a modern, flexible, and long-lasting production tool
  • Sustainable Well-Being : Because we are committed to an eco-citizen approach that is mindful of our environment
  • Human Energy : Because the 6,500 men and women that share our values each and every day are our first source of energy